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Domestic Violence

Whether you are the victim of domestic abuse or face false allegations of domestic violence, it is important to contact an experienced domestic violence attorney who can provide the sound advice and vigorous representation you require.

Identifying Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is not limited to physical violence. The following are types of abusive behavior that constitute domestic violence:

Physical Abuse: punching, kicking, biting, choking, or any action that causes physical pain.

Sexual Abuse: any instance of sexual activity in which one partner is forced to participate or made to feel uncomfortable. This even applies to couples in long-term relationships.

Verbal Abuse: unreasonably harsh words used against a spouse or partner.

Emotional Abuse: manipulation with the intent of causing severe emotionaldistress.

Financial Abuse: when one partner controls the other by withholding money andother fundamental needs.

Spiritual Abuse: like verbal abuse, attacks on partner’s religion can qualify as domestic violence.

Are You A Victim?

In order to get a restraining order, you must have one of the following relationships to your abuser:

 Spouse or Former Spouse

 Cohabitant or FormerCohabitant

 Dating or previously had a dating relationship

 Parents of minor children

 Related by blood/marriage/adoption

Representing Victims

If you are the victim of domestic abuse, it is important to contact an experienced domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible. The Tran Law Firm can help you take the necessary steps to obtain a protective court order that will help protect you and your children from further harm.

Fighting Domestic Violence Allegations

If you are facing domestic violence charges, the Tran Law Firm is available to help you defend against false and exaggerated allegations of domestic violence.

Contact A Walnut Creek Domestic Violence Lawyer

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